The Facts

When: September 30th to October 2nd 2022

Where: KZ - Kompaszaal @ the beatiful city of Amsterdam

4 teachers/ 3 different dance styles

3 theme parties

3 bands

Are you ready to be badass?

Bad Ass Jazz, a place of sharing, learning, inspiration and celebration of human expression through dance.

Get ready to learn from Bad Ass teachers and to get down with amazing people on LIVE music by musicians who really know how to get people moving!

An event that aims to bridge dance communities like Swing, Street dance and Afro, and to explore how these communities can fuel and inspire each other. Let's cross the borders between dance styles, while honoring their evolution, similarities and differences. Let's be Bad Ass and explore what we can learn from each other and celebrate the richness of Afrocentric body movement and language.

Levels (UPDATED)

BAZZ offers three levels for classes: Kick Start, Kick Ass & BAZZ Pro

These levels only refer to Jazz classes, while Afro Fusion and House classes are all open level. KICK ASS level & KICK ASS PRO are oriented towards experienced dancers. If you're very enthusiastic and have never danced before, we welcome you to KICK START level. The biggest difference between levels is the pace of moving through material, expected depth and understanding of body awareness and control.

KICK START is recommended for BEG/BEG+, enthusiastic newcomers and beginners with little to no experience who are ready to step into the world of Jazz.

KICK ASS (previously called Open) is recommended for INT/INT+. You're comfortable with weight shifts and moving through space. You're familiar with most of the basic vocabulary, but some pieces are missing. You're still searching to expand your knowledge on basics, transitions and body awareness. You need more guidance around improvisation and generally throughout the class, but you're ready to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and finish the weekend like a Bad Ass.

BAZZ PRO(previously called Challenge Lvl) is recommended for ADV/ADV+ dancers with good body awareness, body control, and fluent improvisation skills, who want to challenge their current limits. You easily follow combinations, you're enthusiastic about exploring intricate rhythms, techniques and movement in greater depth, while adding your own voice to it. You're comfortable with a faster pace of learning, you're fluent in improvisation but want to level it up like pro! Whatever level you choose, we have amazing teachers and we're sure you're going to have a lot of fun and insights learning from them!


Category Includes Price per person
Full Pass
  • 3 Parties
  • 5h Jazz workshops
  • 1,5h Afro-Fusion class
  • 1.5h BAZZ Lab
  • 1h House class
  • 1h Surprise class
10 hours of classes in total
€ 160
Party Pass
  • 3 Parties
  • 1h House class
  • 1h Surprise class
€ 85
Afro - Fusion
  • Sunday Night Party
  • 1,5h Afro-Fusion class
€ 35

Solidarity Fund: € (your choice)

When you register you'll have a voluntary option of donating to the Solidarity fund! One of the goals of Solidarity fund is to bring inclusion and support to members of our community who don't have the financial possibility to attend the event. If you are having financial problems and want to participate, please reach out and let's chat, we are sure together we can figure it out! More details about the Solidarity Fund mission soon!


KZ - Kompaszaal


In the charming city of Amsterdam, the monumental art nouveau Kompaszaal (KZ) will provide us with a beautiful space to learn during the day, that turns into a sweaty nightclub at night where you can enjoy rich variety of live music, all the way from Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Soul & Funk to modern African and Balkan Beats. Everything that makes us pump the chest and shake that butt.


The venue is located in the area called Java Eiland. Below we have listed a couple of accommodations in the neighborhood.